launches, so will you fly to Dubai? The ultimate cheap Dubai airline is now in the air - and we think its great!

Low cost travel with Fly Dubai, the ultimate low cost airline in the UAE is now in the air, and at we wish them all of the success in the world. We think that the entire concept of Flydubdai is a unique one for the Middle East region and we know for a fact that it will help out businesses in Dubai and surrounding countries to connect with clients cheaper than ever before. also launches to a fanfare of media applause due to the timing of its take-off, ie. in the middle of a worldwide financial crisis.

Will you Fly Dubai, we think many people will use the opportunity of being able to take flight aboard a low-cost carrier and to get cheap tickets, because right now, everybody is looking to save costs across the board.

The Dubai airline is now in the air, and with destinations that include Alexandria in Egypt and further afield the airline, according to its own website has plans to expand out as far as Europe and Africa.

So, flying to and from Dubai for many countries will soon get a lot cheaper, and looking at the Flydubai website today it is extremely fast loading, nice bright and shark graphics and delight to handle - when compared to other airlines websites.

We look forward to Fly Dubai serving Asia and Hong Kong, where we at MedreamSEO operate from, but until then - keep your eye on Flydubai and see where their routes expand out to. They have a very well designed website that is a joy to use, so if you live over and work over in that part of the word we suggest you log on and grab some cheap tickets so that you to can Fly Dubai! Visit for details.